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With FolderChanger You Can:
Easily change your computer folder
     beautifully simply by drag and drop.

Enjoy many cool, fun and great looking  
     folder icons.

Quickly identify folder importance.

Create icon from your photo, and easily
     personalize your folder with it.

Change your hard disk and flash drive
     into realistic feel and great looking icon.

Organize your folders better. Both kids
    and adults can easily use FolderChanger,
    at schools, homes, and offices.

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Some users' comments we received:
"FolderChanger makes my folders cool and noticeable, simply a masterpiece" - C. F. Goh

"It's very easy to use... just drag your folder into Folder Changer! " - Keith W.


Intuitive Interface
  Supports Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Windows 10


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